Globalization in today’s digital society and changes in consumer buying behaviour have led to great opportunities as well as more competition for every business entity. Our marketing directory provides a platform for your business by supporting all aspects of sales, marketing & lead generation activities.

Nairobi Online Business Directory is optimised global business, products and services promotional  website. We are experts in the global business information marketing that gives business entities the opportunity to benefit from a focused, optimised and search engine friendly presence both locally and worldwide. At Nairobi Online Business Directory we provide a powerful global B2B search platform that will help you to plan your sales, marketing campaigns and lead generation activities. Our advanced yet straightforward online tool will help you to create targeted company data lists.

Through our DIGITAL MARKETING strategies, you can engage your target audience and attract new business leads using the, our global online digital directory.


  • Improve your SEO and increase customer traffic
  • Find new buyers looking to make a purchasing decision
  • Maximise visibility with a responsive company mini website page
  • Create & build international awareness of your brand
  • Solutions to finding your business sales leads


Through you can connect with our businesses of interest using our Partnership tool. We maintain statistics of every business in terms of traffic, ratings and other features to enhance your partnership search. This powerful feature enables you:-

  • Save your time on business partnerships research and supporting your sales cycle
  • Helping you engage with prospects outside of your network
  • Create and build a more focused social selling strategy
  • Establish possible risks and opportunities with targeted alerts

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