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Nairobi Arusha Shuttle Bus Daily, Nairobi Hotels, Airport to Arusha hotels Shuttle bus transfer at 08:00hrs and 14:00hrs US $ 25 BOOK NOW! Nairobi Arusha Shuttle bus daily,Nairobi hotels, airport to Arusha hotels Shuttle bus transfer at 08:00hrs and 14:00hrs US $ 25 BOOK NOW! Arusha Nairobi Shuttle bus daily, Arusha hotels to Nairobi airport (jkia),Nairobi hotels Shuttle bus transfers at 08:00hrs and 14:00hrs US $ 25 BOOK NOW! Nairobi Moshi shuttle bus service daily transfer, Nairobi hotels, Airport to Moshi hotels at 08:00hrs and 14:00hrs US $ 35 BOOK NOW! Nairobi Marangu shuttles daily transfers, Nairobi hotels, jkia airport to Marangu hotel, kilimanjaro hotels shuttle buses at 08:00hrs and 14:00hrs US $ 80 BOOK NOW! Marangu Moshi hotels to Arusha Nairobi airport and hotles daily shuttles at 06:00hrs and 10:00hrs US $ 80 BOOK NOW!

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